Annual Show Duties

Compiled by 2013 Show Chair, Charlene Fischer

Show Chairman – Charlene Fischer
Assistant Show Chairman – Open
Plant Sale Chair - Suresh ‘Mo’ Mohan
Publicity Chair – Mark O’Brien
Food & Hospitality Co-Chairs - Lynne O’ Dell and Janet Refvem
Tree Display Cards Coordinator – Open
Tokonoma Setup Coordinator - Open
Show Room Setup Coordinator(s) – Rita Curbow
Room Lighting – Lonnie McCormick & Mark O’Brien
Hospitality Coordinator - Open
Signs Installers - Open
Benefit Drawing & Auction Coordinator - Open

Assistant Show Chair
Coordinate the display room and teams, handle tree placement on Saturday, coordinate show demonstrations and interface with the Lucie Stern Community Center. Acquire demo material and pots as necessary. Coordinate setup of demo area with lights, chairs, backdrop, floor and table covers, etc. Have backup demo plan if needed.

Plant Sale Chair
Purchase inexpensive trees, plastic pots, wire and soil mix. Arrange work parties where members prune, wire, style, and repot these trees as "instant" bonsai. Arrange for "plant-sitters" and transportation of these trees to Lucie Stern Community Center on Friday night before show. Set up tables and arrange sale trees on Friday night; supervise operation and sale of trees during show. Arrange to have two or more club members assist you with tree pricing and sales.

Handles all pre-show publicity, such as newspapers, contacting other nearby bonsai clubs to let the public know about our show.

Food and Hospitality Chair
Coordinate the dining room and kitchen. Purchase necessary table covers, plates, napkins, silverware, cups, etc. Check needed supplies for coffee, Saran wrap, aluminum foil, etc. Handle dining table decorations. Schedule enough members to clean up tables and counters each day.

Tree Display Cards Coordinator
Create display card for each tree displayed in show. Members must provide info prior to show date. Charlene usually does this, but if someone else would like to take this on please let Charlene know.

Tokonoma Setup Coordinator
Coordinates the setup of the tokonoma box per floor plan. Responsible for getting the tokonoma to the show site on Friday night and back to the club shed on Sunday night. Performs any necessary maintenance on the tokonoma prior to show date.

Show Room Setup Coordinator(s)
Coordinates the setup of the show room on Friday night and the breakdown on Sunday night. Recruits volunteers to help move and set up tables, back drops, fence and lattice sections, etc. Recruits members to place tablecloths and table runners after tables are in place. Recruits other member(s) to clean any tablecloths that got dirty during the show. Recruits members to help move tables, fence and lattice sections, etc and pack up the backdrops on Sunday night. Ideally, it would be nice to have two people so each coordinator could focus on one half of the room.

Room Lighting
Two people to set up additional lighting as needed in the show rooms.

Hospitality Coordinator
Recruits members to work the show room and the reception area on both days of the show. Makes sure that members have the necessary materials needed for the reception area such as sign-in books, pens, club leaflets, donation jar, etc.

Signs Installers
Two people to set up the banner and signs on Friday night and Saturday and take things down on Sunday. Would retrieve materials from the shed.

Benefit Drawing & Auction Coordinator
Handle the sale of tickets for the benefit drawings on both days of the show. Purchase material (rolls of tickets), retrieve ticket jars from shed, and recruit sales assistants as needed. Coordinate any auction(s) if applicable.