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Membership Form

After filling out this form you may pay via the PayPal button at the end, or wait for the “Welcome to Kusamura” email which will tell you how to send us a check.

Privacy Notice

We ask for address and email so we can send you our newsletter and other info.
Your name and email will be visible to other club members in our Club Directory. Your mailing address will be included unless you ask that we withhold it.
Your phone number will not be in the Club Directory. It will only be available to club officers to use in case we can’t contact you via email.

To access member-only documents or participate in club activities online you'll need a login. Tell us your preferred username. Min 6, Max 32 alphanumeric characters.

Payment Options

If you’d like to pay via PayPal use the button below. Otherwise you can send a check to our treasurer. Wait for his Welcome to The Club email for details.

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