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Kusamura Bonsai Club

Palo Alto, California

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Bonsai

3rd Friday of the Month (except Aug.)
7 PM Techniques Workshop
8 PM General Meeting

Our Purpose

Kusamura Bonsai Club specializes in teaching how to create and improve your bonsai. If you're interested in bonsai please be our guest at three monthly club meetings to observe our activities. If you decide you'd like to become a member, you may do so at any meeting.

Annual dues are $35 for individuals and $45 for couples.
Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month at St Mark’s Episcopal Church,
600 Colorado Ave., Palo Alto, in the Parish Hall. (Directions)

Monthly Meeting

Monthly meetings consist of:

7-8 PM Techniques Workshop
Basic skills in the art of Bonsai, including styling, pruning, wiring, and caring for our trees, are explained and demonstrated. Hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced members is available.

8-10 PM Demonstrations or Practical Workshops
A guest Bonsai expert explains an intermediate or more advanced Bonsai technique. The demonstration piece is usually donated to the club for the benefit drawing.

A "Show and Tell" Table on which members display plants they feel are of interest in relationship to the meeting subject or for color, flowering, fruiting, or other features.

Benefit drawings of Bonsai-related items conclude each meeting. Often the demonstration tree will be added to the drawing.

Other Benefits

A library of books, magazines, and tapes that members are encouraged to borrow.

Group tours are arranged to nearby specialized nurseries and to suppliers of pots, tools, wire, and Bonsai stock trees.

Semi-private workshops that members are able to participate in with well-known visiting experts.

Information is available on the annual state-wide Bonsai convention and the related workshops available. The featured guest artists for the last few years have been various highly regarded Bonsai experts from Japan.

Annual Bonsai Show with displays and demonstrations where you have the opportunity to show your trees.