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Subtropical Bonsai for Indoor Gardening

By Constance Tortorici Derderian

In our July 2011 newsletter we featured an excerpt of an article by Mrs. Constance Tortorici Derderian. It was excerpted for space reasons but on the web we don’t have that issue so we wanted to make the entire article avaialble. It comes to us from the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard (link) but we have made a copy onto our website to avoid broken links that occasionally happen. 

Read the full article. 

About The Author

Constance Tortorici Derderian (1921-1988) was a currator for bonsai at Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University for many years. She was also a leading expert and promoter of subtropical bonsai in the Northeast US. She took the first bonsai course the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ever offered in 1954, and worked with Frank Okamura, Kan Yashiroda, Lynn Perry, and other leading bonsai specialists in New York. She also studied with Kyuzo Murata in Japan in 1967. Derderian was guest editor of the BBG’s Bonsai for Indoors Handbook (1976), and a founding member of the American Bonsai Society in 1967, which she also directed for many years.

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