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Club Show – 2016

56th Annual Show

The Kusamura Bonsai Club hosted their 56th Annual Show on the weekend of May 21-22, 2016. It featured a demonstration by Bob Shimon on Saturday. On Sunday club members Jerry Carpenter and Lynne O’Dell each styled a boxwood. All trees were part of the benefit drawing at the end of the program. 

Thanks to club member Sabrina Huang for her professional photography expertise. We’d like to share a pointer to some of her work – 
Sabrina Huang Photography (San Francisco)

Here are some of the trees on display during our show. Click on any image to see it in full size.

Medium-to-Large Sized Bonsai

In our club most bonsai fall into the Medium (10 to 24″) or Large (> than 24″) categories. Smaller sized bonsa are called Shohin. There are also very large to enormous bonsai (up to 80″ tall) but we don’t show those at this show. If you’re curious how anything so large can be a bonsai, the answer is simple. Any tree grown in a pot can be a bonsai – if it has been styled. But few bonsai outside the Japanese Imperial collectionare that large.



Shohin are smaller sized bonsai, between 3″ and 8″ tall. Here are a collection of shohin that were at our show.


In Training

These trees are in training – meaning that only a year or two ago these trees were in nursery pots. Usually after 3 or more years of training trees are considered to be a bonsai, but training continues for the rest of the tree’s life. Some bonsai live to be hundreds of years old but every year they are improved by tweaking the styling.

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