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Club Officers and Board of Directors

Club Officers 2019-2020 Term
Club Officers 2019-2020 Term


Officers represent Kusamura in public events – monthly meetings, annual shows and with external groups such as other clubs we collaborate with. They are responsible for decision making, such as club meeting topics, hiring speakers, purchasing equipment, etc. – with approval of the board. They also perform other functions behind the scenes, such as managing our funding, keeping notes of decisions, investigating activities for the club, etc.

  • Richard Phillips — President
  • Idris Anderson — Vice President
  • Hal Jerman — Treasurer
  • Idris Anderson — Recording Secretary
  • Barbara Phillips — Corresponding Secretary 
  • Lynne O’Dell — Past President

Board of Directors

Representatives of the membership and to ensure that officers carry out their responsibilities per our bylaws.

  • Thomas Chiu — Board of Director (continuing term)
  • Rita Curbow — Board of Director (continuing term)
  • Michael Greenstein — Board of Director (continuing term)
  • Maryann Hinden — Board of Director (new term)
  • Richard Murray — Board of Director (new term)
  • Christine Weigen — Board of Director (new term)


These people perform important functions necessary for the functioning of our club. These positions don’t have specific terms and people often perform the function for many years.

  • Benefit Drawing – open
  • Hospitality Services – Bang Vo
  • Newsletter – Rita Curbow
  • Librarian – Chris Weigen
  • Publisher – Bang Vo
  • Membership – Richard Phillips
  • Webmaster – Richard Phillips

Club Bylaws

Can be found here.

2019 to 2020 Officers and Board of Directors

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic we haven’t been able to take a photo of the 2020 to 2021 team. So the photo above shows the previous team, but many of still serve in some capacity.

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