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Club Show – 2021

Our 61st Annual Show

Our club has always specialized in helping people learn how to create and care for bonsai. We have many articles covering the basics of bonsai, and many of our club meetings and classes focus on teaching those techniques. In addition we have other articles, meetings and workshops devoted to more advanced techniques. Access to the articles is free to everyone, but meetings and workshops are only for club members. If you’d like more information, see About Our Club.

Because of Covid, our show this year is virtual. We’ve collected photos of trees from our club members and made them available in galleries online. In addition to mature bonsai and those still in progress we also showcase images that have inspired club members. Some will be trees in nature, perhaps seen on vacation, while others were found online, in magazines or books. Enjoy the show.

Mature Bonsai Gallery

Exhibits in this gallery are trees that would be traditionally considered “show” trees. Generally speaking, these would be more mature refined bonsai.

Red Japanese Maple
Red Japanese Maple

Shohin Bonsai Gallery

Our smaller refined trees are featured here. Shohin bonsai are not more than 10 inches tall.

Boston Ivy
Boston Ivy

Emerging Bonsai Gallery

This gallery is for those trees that are in some stage of development into a bonsai. Many of our newer members are also featured in this gallery.

Semi-cascade Procumbens Juniper
Semi-cascade Procumbens Juniper

Accents Gallery

A bonsai display is never just the tree. It also includes the container and possibly a companion plant. It is also possible to have other elements such as suiseki (viewing stones), scrolls, artwork, and sometimes non-tree plantings that are meant to be displayed on their own.

Yarrow and Chives
Yarrow and Chives

Inspiration Gallery

Everyone draws inspiration for their bonsai from different sources. In this gallery, members share photos of objects and images that inspired them.

Chinese Wisteria
Chinese Wisteria

If You’d Like to Make a Donation

We are a non-profit organization so donations are welcome. If you’d like to drop a few dollars in our donation jar (via PayPal) visit our Donations link.



Technical Production: Richard Phillips, Dave Curbow, Charlene Fischer

Outreach Team: Barbara Phillips (Lead), Charlene Fischer, Maryann Hinden, Richard Murray, Lynne O’Dell

This virtual show would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of members of Kusamura Bonsai Club. Thirty-eight members submitted 107 displays of photographs and texts. 

Members of Kusamura whose works of photographs and texts appear in this virtual show 2021 have granted first serial rights to Kusamura Bonsai Club of Palo Alto. They retain Copyright © 2021 of their individual works. All rights reserved. This virtual show is available for view by anyone through the Kusamura website. Requests to reproduce any image or text should be directed to the club and/or to the individual member.

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