Annual Show - May 2-3, 2015

Our 55th Annual Show is this weekend! Our guest demonstrator on Saturday will be Valerie Monroe. On Sunday by the demo will be by club members. See us at -
Lucie Stern Community Center, 1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
Map and Other Info

Plan to visit us to see some wonderful bonsai, see a demo and maybe buy a bonsai for yourself or a friend. Check back in late April for further details.

We always have wonderful trees on display. You can see last year's trees here.

Maple from 2014 Show (Click image for larger view)

April Meeting

April 17, 2015 @ 7:00PM

Charlene Fischer and Rita Curbow will lead you through the procedure for setting up a tokonoma, selecting the proper stand for your show tree, and offer advice on what you need to do to make your tree show ready.

We will also have some fabulous moss and black/red lava to use for dressing up your show tree. Members are encouraged to bring stands they don’t plan to use and are willing to let other members borrow for show.

Note that if you borrow a stand you are responsible for making sure it doesn’t get damaged. Make sure your tree is NOT super wet because excess water could damage the stand during the show

Show and Tell

Bring a tree you plan to show or any flowering trees.

Club News

2015 Annual Show Sign Up

Our annual show is a lot of work, but aso a lot of fun! We need as much member participation as possible so no one is over burdened. To see a full descripion of the different tasks see Show Duties. If you see something that interests you please contact the chair of that team or Charlene Fisher at this month's meeting.

Below are a series of tasks that need to be done in the weeks before the show, and others that happen on the weekend of the show.

Stands Available from the Plantings Prior to Show

John and Sandy are offering their stands, scrolls, and scroll illustrations for use at our show but you need to borrow them before the show because they will not be bringing everything to the show. Call them to schedule a time to go by and borrow a stand and possibly other items for your tree.

Club Owned Stands Available at Saturday Show Setup

Sean Morris will bring club owned stands on Saturday morning for use at the show. Note that there are a fair number of larger stands available in this collection but not as many smaller sizes. You may want to check with Sean via email prior to the show to find out what is available.

Accent Plants for the Show

We usually have some club members who bring extra accent plants but we encourage you to prepare one or more accent plants because these are usually in short supply. You don’t want to be scrambling for an accent plant at the last minute.

Prepare Your Tree

To help you get your tree ready to show we encourage you to review the Show Tree Checklist.

Show Tree Display Cards

Our club displays a card next to your tree with the Common Name, Botanical Name, and year in which the tree was started as a bonsai or in which you began working the tree. Members are asked to prepare three trees for show this year. However, if you only have one or two trees ready, that is fine too. Contact Charlene Fischer to let her know what trees you plan to show.

For each of your trees, please provide the following information:
         1. Common name
         2. Botanical name (if you don't know, Charlene will look it up for you)
         3. “Trained Since” Year
         4. Display Area Size (indicate either shohin, half-table, or full-table)

If you do not want your first name identified on the display card, please let Charlene know; otherwise, your first name will appear on the card. Cards are not prepared in advance for a shohin display and instead a diagram of the layout and trees is prepared the day of the show.

Show Consignment Form

Hard copies will be available at our April 17 meeting and Friday, May 1. Electronic copy online at ConsignmentSalesForm.

Show Weekend Duties

During show weekend you need to know...

Show Date Logistics
Friday, May 1 Plant Sale Drop-off: 6PM–9PM

When you bring in your donation trees please get plant tags and identity the tree variety if you know it. Also, for consignment sale trees, add your initials followed by slash C (e.g., SN/C-1) on the plant tag and fill out a Consignment Form - available on Friday night of you don’t have one. Later, we will provide a record of your donation for use on your 2015 taxes.

If a tree does not sell, the donor (preferred) or another member must “tree sit” it until next year. If you do not have three trees/pots that can be sold for a minimum of $25 each, please bring cash or a check and give to Mo. All cash donations will be filed separately from any purchases members made on Friday evening.

Don’t bring your trees that you will display until Saturday morning.

Friday, May 1 Show Room Setup: 5PM–9PM

Show room setup will start at 5PM for those of you signed up to put tables in place. Backdrop and screen setup will start shortly after that. Mark O’Brien will have the show room lighting installed prior to table setup.

Saturday, May 2: 8AM–5PM

Arrive early. Donuts and coffee will be available. The doors open to the public at noon but we need everyone to arrive as early as possible to get their trees placed in the show, assist with plant sale setup, dining room setup, etc.

Bring your show tree(s) and stand(s), scroll(s), accent plant(s) into the staging area in the lobby outside the show room. A team of volunteers will work to place your tree in the show room. Please have your display tree there by 11:00 am at the latest on Saturday.

Sunday, May 3: 11AM–5PM

The show opens at 11AM but we need some volunteers before then to help with misting show trees and plant sale area prep.

Food for Saturday and Sunday Lunch

Food items should be there by 11:00AM. Bring serving plates/dishes along with a utensil for serving. All non-disposable serving items should be well marked with your name for pickup at 3:00PM when cleanup of the kitchen and dining room starts. We'll have hot trays for hot dishes; if you're bringing a dish that needs to be cooked or heated, be sure that we have proper instructions.

Visitors from other local bonsai clubs are invited to enjoy our hospitality. Kusamura members can invite their family and friends to dine with us when visiting the show but please make sure you provide extra food for them.

Timely Work Schedule

Each month there are a number of tasks you need to do to your bonsai - from repotting, to fertilizing to spraying for pests. We have put together a checklist, customized for the San Francisco Bay Area to help you. This checklist is adapted from earlier work by Mitsuo Umehara.

This month: April Tasks

Report on March 2015 Meeting - Repotting

by Dave Curbow

Larry White’s artistic talent mesmerized us all as he worked on a Procumbens Juniper. At the end of his demonstration he had transformed the overgrown foliage into a beautiful cascade style tree that everyone wanted to own. Congratulations to Gordon Deeg who was the lucky winner.

Larry also gave us an informative handout which we've posted on our website.

Below are some photos showing the tree's transformation - thanks to Donna Farmer.

Minor cleanup before the meeting but unstyled Removing unneded branches Shaping the lower branch!
Shaping the top Finished design Gordon Deeg - Winner of the tree