May Meeting

May 15, 2015 @ 7:00PM

Our May Program is a Workshop starting @ 7PM

Our program this month is a special workshop led by Michael Greenstein. People who bought trees at our annual show were encouraged to attend this meeting and learn how to take care of them. Michael will discuss watering and the importance of fertilizer. He'll also demonstrate basic pruning techniques to keep your tree looking good. Please bring only one tree so we have time to help everyone that attends.

Experienced club members are asked to bring in a few tools and be prepared to assist new members with their trees during this workshop.

Show and Tell

Bring the tree you thought about showing but didn’t because it wasn’t quite ready, trees in flower, tropical, etc.

Club News

2015 Show Recap

by Show Chair Charlene Fischer

The show preparation really begins with our planting parties and this year we had a record number of seventeen or more club members volunteer at each event. Thank you to the family of Wayne Richter who donated many bonsai pots and trees from their father’s collection.

On Friday night we finished setup one hour earlier than anticipated! On Saturday our show opened with a crowd of visitors waiting to enter. Valerie Monroe kicked off the standing-room only Saturday demonstration. She worked on a San Jose Juniper acquired at the auction in Oakland. The tree was full of dense green growth hiding a wonderfully twisted trunk and shapely branches. She mesmerized everyone as she talked about her experiences and her design choices as she wired and styled the tree. Congratulations to Gale Lane who won this tree. The Sunday demo was popular as well with members of our club working on a large Shimpaku Juniper. Congratulations to Rita Curbow who won this tree. The Sunday strike party was well attended with thank you gifts ranging from large bonsai pots from the collection of David Phillips to hand crafted pots donated by Thomas Arakawa; books from Lonnie McCormick’s collection; and trees with lots of potential as future show items.

You may have noticed some additions to the show with a slide presentation of the 2014 event; a lovely Ikebana display; and two dramatically stunning Ikebana displays in our dining room. Thank you to Sei Boku Bonsai Kai for the loan of their banners. Finally thank you to everyone who helped plan, setup and work the event. Through your efforts the 2015 Kusamura Show was a hit and everyone should feel very proud!

Valerie Monroe, Gail Lane after winning the demo tree

The President's Message

by Jerry Carpenter

I want to thank everyone who put so much effort into making our show a beautiful one. The Show Chair role is a very important one for our club and once again Charlene Fischer has made it run smoothly. I have to stand and applaud her work as she has gotten the process down to a fine running machine that displays our art very well. She has put in a great deal of effort to get the details in order. This year Charlene had to take a major leap of faith and change the tokonoma display. Charlene rose to the task and made sure the change went smoothly and altered the space in a positive way. Please join me in giving her praise for a job well done. Of course she could not have done it on her own and I also applaud all who helped her accomplish this task.

I have come to the end of another two year run as President and the club is doing well. I will have our annual report to present at our May meeting and we will greet a new roster of board members and officers. I want to thank everyone who has patiently gone on this journey with me. I know these two years have not always been easy but we learn so much from working with each other. We mourn and rejoice, we teach, we learn, we give as much as we can. I am keenly aware of my mistakes and victories. Thanks for putting up with me and I ask that you give your support to our new officers and continue our art of bonsai that we love so much.

Honoring Lost Members

During our show we had a couple of trees from the collection of Lonnie McCormick and Wayne Richter. We also had an ikebana on display in honor of Bonnie Morton.

Tokonoma at our Show honoring long time member Lonnie McCormick
Tokonoma at our Show honoring long time member Lonnie McCormick (Click image for larger view)

Nominations for the 2015-2016 Year

Nominations for the upcoming fiscal year will be announced at our May meeting. Any nominations from the membership at large will be done at this time also as all nominations will be voted upon at this meeting. The Nominating Committee is Chris Weigen and Alison Williams.

Sei Boku Bonsai Kai June Styling Competition

Jerry Carpenter is looking for two volunteers to join his team in a styling competition on June 24 with a team from Sei Boku Bonsai Kai and a team from another local bonsai club. This is the second year Kusamura has participated in this three-club event. Contact Jerry for additional info or to sign up to join him.

Bonsai Pot Collection Donated by Previous Member

The club thanks former Kusamura member David Phillips for his generous donation of bonsai pots. David was active in Kusamura during the 1990s and early 2000 timeframe. Many of you may remember David as our long term Librarian. Thank you also to Stephanie North and everyone who cleaned up pots for sale at our show.

Timely Work Schedule

Each month there are a number of tasks you need to do to your bonsai - from repotting, to fertilizing to spraying for pests. We have put together a checklist, customized for the San Francisco Bay Area to help you. This checklist is adapted from earlier work by Mitsuo Umehara.

This month: May Tasks