Club News – September 2021

Meeting – September 17 @ 7PM via Zoom

Bjorn Bjorholm – Autumn Pine Care

Bjorn Bjorholm
Bjorn Bjorholm

We’re very happy to announce that Bjorn Bjorholm will be presenting a pre-recorded demonstration at our September meeting on autumn black pine care with an emphasis on inducing back budding. We’ll also be watching a video in which he discusses the use and withholding of fertilizer during the year. Bjorn will be available to answer questions following each video so hold your questions until then.

This should be a great start to our series of presentations and workshops focused on pines we have planned over the next few months. Please join us.

Bjorn Bjorholm, owner of Eisei-en, is a bonsai professional and instructor who spent six years (2008 – 2014) as an apprentice under Master Keiichi Fujikawa at Kouka-en bonsai nursery in Osaka, Japan before receiving certification as a bonsai professional by the Nippon Bonsai Association. His tenure as an apprentice at Kouka-en was followed by three years (2014 – 2017) as artist-in-residence at the same location, making him the first foreign-born working bonsai professional in Japan. During his time in Japan, Bjorn’s works were featured in the Kokufu-ten, Sakufu-ten, and Taikan-ten exhibitions, among many others.

In addition to his work in Japan, Bjorn travels the world, from Europe to Asia to Latin America, teaching bonsai art and providing services to private clients and international organizations. He operates intensive bonsai schools with affiliate nurseries in Spain and the United States, while also working with international bonsai organizations.

Bjorn’s website for EISEI-EN is

Monthly Tasks

Each month there are a number of tasks you need to do to your bonsai – from repotting, to fertilizing to spraying for pests. We have put together a checklist, customized for the San Francisco Bay Area to help you. This checklist is adapted from earlier work by Mitsuo Umehara. 

This month: September Tasks

August and September are usually our hottest months here in the SF Bay Area. And now we’re in a drought again! Here are a couple of articles that might be helpful.

Summer Care – how to handle hot summer weather

Bonsai Care in the Time of Drought – some suggestions about how to care for bonsai during drought conditions

If you’re using timed-release fertilizer you should remember that it releases more as the temperature rises. Remove half of your timed release pellets to reduce the possibility of burning your trees.

Message from the President

by Charlene Fischer

WE DID IT! I want to thank those involved in our success. Early on we formed a team that brainstormed the overall strategy. First we discussed whether a sale and a gathering was a good idea given the latest information and guidance in our county. Once we felt we could do this we then decided a date and time of day, determined whether a gathering would be wise, confirmed the site, and figured out how to keep everyone as safe as possible. This initial team included Suresh “Mo” Mohan, Christine Weigen, Hal Jerman, Idris Anderson, Maryann Hinden, Richard Murray, and Lynne O’Dell.

Once this framework was formed, Dave Curbow, Hal Jerman, and John Mekisich refined the plan which took advantage of the location’s shady areas and ample parking. JC Zhang created a poster for the front drive area which I hope to develop into a sandwich board for future events. Dave created a number of tasks for everyone to do while visiting with each other. It was a hectic day as we sold as much in a five hour time span as we do at our show over two days! My appreciation goes to Jane Iki, John and Sandy Planting, Janet Refvem and Barbara Shahinian for their wonderful donations and consignment items. Hopefully everyone found a treasure or two.

Christine ensured we started the day with our tradition of donuts galore. Then all the help from everyone on hand answering questions, setting up tables, installing signs, organizing the sale items, conducting the sales and assisting people to their cars was really fantastic. This was another example of Kusamura’s energetic and thoughtful nature.

Thank you finally to Michael and Sharon Greenstein who let us into their garden to share some food and drinks and enjoy the spectacular bonsai display and a thriving succulent and cacti collection! Finally, we got to sit and talk to each other, get caught up with long time friends, and think about what’s next for us all.

People at our 2021 Sale
People shopping at our sale on August 21

Beginner Bonsai Workshop Dates

Upcoming beginner bonsai workshops at the home of Richard and Barbara Phillips will be held on the following dates:

  • September 11
  • October 23
  • November 13
  • December 11

All workshops are on a Saturday and are free. Rita Curbow will be assisting Richard with these workshops.

Richard will be contacting members who are eligible to attend. Newer members of the club and members who are known “beginner’s” in the art of bonsai are definitely eligible for these workshops but if you weren’t contacted and would like to attend please use the Contact Us form.

Members must be fully vaccinated against Covid to attend. Also bring a mask in case one or more people would prefer we all wear one that day.

The morning session is 9AM – Noon and the afternoon is 1PM – 4PM. Bring three to four trees because sometimes it may not be the right time of year to do the desired work on a given tree and you want to make sure you have enough material to work on for the three hours allotted.

Club Show Now Available

Normally at this time of year we’d be welcoming the public to our annual show at the Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto. But as we all know this isn’t a typical year so instead we’d like to welcome you to our show online. 

Visit Our Show

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