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We’re a Charitable Donation – Kusamura Bonsai is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization (Federal ID 77-0324827) dedicated to educating people about the hobby of bonsai. To support our club we happily accept donations and put them to good use. In exchange, we will will get you a receipt to include when filing your taxes. 

Donating via PayPal is Very Easy

Bonsai, Pots, Tools …

We love getting donations of bonsai-related materials. So if you have trees, pots, tools, books, etc. that need a new home please consider donating them to us.

What We Accept – Unfortunately we’re not able to take everything that’s offered to us. But we’re happy to come take a look and adivse you. Often we can take donated items immediately, but sometimes we are offered a large collection of material and may need to organize a group of our members to come collect the donation. 

What About Trees In the Ground? – Occasionally someone who is about to landscape their yard contacts us about donating shrubs and older trees. We absolutely love juniper shrubs and we love giving old trees new homes, but it really depends on how much effort it is to dig up the trees. Anything larger than 2-4 inches in diameter or more than 3 feet tall is probably too large for us. But contact us and we can discuss.

Unfortunately boxwood hedge isn’t as popular as a few years ago, so we no longer accept those. 

Areas Covered – Although our club meets in Palo Alto, club members reside throughout the Santa Clara and San Mateo counties so it is easy for us to collect donations from that area. If you live outside this area we might refer you to another nearer club, depending on the material. 

We Can’t Pay You – Each year we are contacted by someone that has some bonsai-related material that they want to sell to us. Sorry, but it’s too complicated for a small club like ours to buy and resell.

How We Use Donations – Generally we sell donated material at our annual show to raise funds for our club. We sometimes also use donated materials in a demonstration during a club meetings. 

Contacting Us – Simply send mail us via our Contact Us form and someone will get in touch with you. At that time we’ll ask you to send us some photos so we know a bit about what’s being offered.

Thank you for thinking of us.

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